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Saudi eVisa Requirements from Comorian Citizen

Are you a citizen of Comoros planning to explore the captivating kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Navigating the visa application process can be straightforward with the right information. Saudi Arabia warmly welcomes visitors from Comoros for various purposes, including tourism, business, and religious pilgrimage. Here's everything you need to know about obtaining a Saudi visa as a citizen of Comoros.

Understanding the Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

Embark on your Saudi Arabian adventure with these steps to secure your EVisa seamlessly:

  • Visit the Saudi EVisa Portal: Access the official EVisa portal on the VisitSaudiArabiaVisa website.
  • Select Language: Choose your preferred language.
  • Initiate Application: Click on "Apply for a Visa" to start the application process.
  • Complete Application Form: Fill out the application form and upload a recent passport-sized photograph in digital format.
  • Review Information: Double-check all entered details for accuracy.
  • Submit Application: Click "Submit" to proceed with the application.
  • Payment: Choose your preferred payment method (credit card or debit card).
  • Download and Print EVisa: Once approved, download and print the EVisa to present upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Types of Saudi Arabia Visas for Comorian

Select the visa that aligns with your travel purpose:

  • Tourist EVisa: Tailored for Comorian citizens planning to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This type of visa is usually valid for a short duration, with travelers providing details of their itinerary and accommodation.
  • Business EVisa: Designed for Comorian business travelers attending meetings, conferences, or engaging in business-related activities.
  • Umrah EVisa: Specifically for Comorian citizens planning to perform Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca, with specific guidelines set by Saudi authorities.
  • Hajj EVisa: Issued for Comorian Muslims intending to participate in the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Specific requirements and procedures apply for obtaining a Hajj visa.

Why Choose Us?

Opt for a stress-free EVisa application process with us for the following reasons:

  1. Visa Specialists: Our team is well-versed in the latest Saudi visa regulations, ensuring accurate and efficient service.
  2. Proven Success: High approval rates for Saudi visa applications showcase our expertise and effective navigation of the process.
  3. Individualized Attention: We provide tailored guidance based on your specific travel plans and visa type.
  4. Clear Communication: Stay informed throughout the process, with access to dedicated support whenever needed.
  5. User-Friendly Platform: Our platform simplifies document uploads, progress tracking, and secure fee payments.
  6. Full Administrative Support: We handle administrative tasks, including document verification, fee payment, and communication with Saudi authorities.
  7. Competitive Prices: Our visa services offer excellent value without hidden fees, ensuring transparency.
  8. Peace of Mind: Choosing us means relieving the burden of navigating the complex visa process, allowing you to focus on planning your trip confidently.

Embark on your Saudi Arabian adventure with confidence, armed with the knowledge to navigate the EVisa process seamlessly. From the tranquil beaches of the Comoros to the historic charm of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia welcomes Comorian hearts to explore its diverse and enchanting landscapes. Safe travels!

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In Conclusion

Obtaining a Saudi visa as a citizen of Comoros is a manageable process as long as you follow the necessary steps and provide accurate information. With the convenience of the eVisa system, travelers can now apply for their visas with ease from the comfort of their homes. Remember to plan your trip carefully, adhere to all requirements, and prepare for an enriching experience in Saudi Arabia.

For further assistance or specific inquiries, you can contact the Saudi embassy or consulate in Comoros or visit the official Saudi eVisa website for comprehensive guidance. Safe travels!


Yes, Comorian citizens need a visa for various travel purposes.

There are various visa types, including tourist visas, business visas, employment visas, and pilgrimage visas (Umrah and Hajj), each with specific requirements.

The required documents vary depending on the visa type but generally include a valid passport, completed application form, passport-sized photographs, proof of travel and accommodation, and financial documents.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of a Saudi Arabia visa for citizens of Comoros, I recommend checking with the VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa experts

Visit the official VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa website and follow the instructions.

You can check it with the authorities .

There are different types of visa available you need to check out with the experts.

Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements, provide accurate information, submit all required documents on time, show proof of strong ties to the Comoros, and present yourself professionally.

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