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Saudi eVisa Requirements from Monaco Citizen

Are you a citizen of Monaco planning to embark on the sacred journey of Umrah to Mecca, Saudi Arabia? Navigating the visa requirements and procedures is crucial for a seamless and spiritually rewarding pilgrimage. This comprehensive guide offers all the essential information you need to obtain an Umrah visa as a citizen of Monaco.

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, undertaken by Muslims at any time of the year. While not compulsory like Hajj, Umrah holds significant spiritual significance and is considered a deeply enriching experience for believers.

Understanding the Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

  • Visit the official VisitsSaudiAarabiaVisa website
  • Click on the "Apply Now" button.
  • Select "Monaco" from the list of countries.
  • Select the Visa type and click on the "Continue" button.
  • Enter your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, passport number, and contact information.
  • Upload a copy of your passport and a passport-sized photograph.
  • Enter your travel information, including your arrival and departure dates, and your intended accommodation in the SAUDI.
  • Review your application and click on the "Submit" button.
  • Pay the visa fee using a valid credit or debit card.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been submitted.

Types of Saudi Arabia Visa for Monaco Citizens

Tourist Visa:

  • Required for stays exceeding 90 days or engaging in activities outside tourism (e.g., volunteering, visiting family).
  • Types: Single-entry, multiple-entry, transit.
  • Application process: Through Saudi Arabian embassies or consulates abroad.

Business Visa:

  • For conducting business meetings, attending conferences, or short-term work engagements.
  • Types: Single-entry, multiple-entry, investor visa.
  • Application process: Through Saudi Arabian embassies or consulates abroad, often requiring sponsorships from local companies.

Work Visa:

  • For long-term employment in Saudi Arabia.
  • Requires sponsorship from a Saudi Arabian company and extensive documentation.
  • Application process: Through Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor.

Family Visa:

  • For spouses, children, and dependent parents of Saudi Arabian citizens or residents.
  • Sponsorship and specific documentation required.
  • Application process: Through Saudi Arabian embassies or consulates abroad.

Hajj/Umrah Visa:

  • For Muslim pilgrims undertaking the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage.
  • Specific regulations and quotas apply.

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In Conclusion

Embarking on the spiritual journey of Umrah is a profound experience for Muslims worldwide, including citizens of Monaco. By adhering to the visa requirements and procedures outlined above, Monaco pilgrims can ensure a smooth and fulfilling pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Plan your Umrah journey meticulously, and may your pilgrimage be accepted and rewarded abundantly.

For detailed guidance and assistance regarding Umrah visa procedures, reach out to authorized travel agencies or refer to official Saudi government sources.


Great question! As of today, Monaco citizens can enjoy visa-free entry to Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days for tourism, business, or transit purposes. Just present your valid Monégasque passport at the border.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of a Saudi Arabia visa for citizens of Austria, I recommend checking with the VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa experts

Typically includes a valid passport, visa application form, passport photos, proof of accommodation and travel bookings, travel insurance, and financial documents. Check the official Saudi visa website for detailed requirements.

Visit the official VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa website and follow the instructions

There are different types of visa available you need to check out with the experts.

If you plan to stay beyond 90 days or engage in activities other than tourism (e.g., volunteering, family visit), you'll need to apply for a visa. Different types exist, like Tourist, Business, Work, Family, and Hajj/Umrah visas, each with specific requirements and application procedures.

Processing times can vary depending on the visa type and workload at the embassy. Plan for at least 4-6 weeks, and don't wait until the last minute!

In some cases, yes, you can extend your visa within Saudi Arabia. However, it's best to inquire about extension possibilities before your trip to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Yes, visa application fees apply depending on the type of visa and processing time. Be sure to check with the embassy for the latest fee information.

Saudi Arabia has a rich culture and customs, so it's always good to familiarize yourself with local etiquette beforehand. Dress modestly, be respectful of religious practices, and avoid public displays of affection.

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