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Saudi eVisa Requirements from Turkmenistan Citizen

Welcome to our detailed guide on obtaining a Saudi visa for citizens of Turkmenistan. Whether you're planning to visit Saudi Arabia for business, tourism, pilgrimage, or work purposes, understanding the visa requirements and application process is crucial. Below, we provide essential information to help make your visa application process smooth and hassle-free.

Understanding the Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

  • Navigate to VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa Saudi evisa application portal
  • Click on "New Application" and select "E-Visa" again.
  • Choose "Tourist" as your visa type and select " Turkmenistan " from the nationality dropdown menu.
  • Fill out Application Form
  • Review and Submit Application
  • Pay the visa application fee using the secure payment gateway.
  • You will receive an email notification once your visa application is approved.
  • Download and print your E-Visa from the website.

Types of Saudi Arabia Visa for Turkmenistan Citizens

Tourist Visa:

  • Ideal for vacationing, sightseeing, and visiting family and friends.
  • Allows for a single entry and a stay of up to 30 days.

Business Visa:

  • Facilitates attending meetings, conferences, or conducting business activities.
  • Can be single or multiple entry, with validity periods ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Work Visa:

  • Issued to foreign professionals taking up employment in Saudi Arabia.
  • Requires a valid employment contract with a Saudi company and specific qualifications depending on the job role.

Hajj and Umrah Visas:

  • Dedicated visas for Muslim pilgrims undertaking the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages.
  • Subject to specific quotas and regulations set by Saudi authorities.

Transit Visa:

  • Permits a short stay at a Saudi Arabian airport while in transit to another destination.
  • Typically valid for 24 hours and requires proof of onward travel within the specified timeframe.

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  • Deep understanding of Saudi visa regulations:Our team of visa specialists possess extensive knowledge of the ever-evolving Saudi visa landscape, ensuring we guide you through the process with accuracy and confidence.
  • Streamlined application process: We take care of the paperwork jungle, ensuring your application is complete, error-free, and meets all visa specifications, maximizing your chances of success.
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In Conclusion

Securing a Saudi visa for citizens of Turkmenistan involves understanding the specific requirements and following the application process diligently. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this guide and ensuring that all necessary documents are in order, you can successfully obtain your Saudi visa and prepare for your journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For further assistance or inquiries, please reach out to the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate in Turkmenistan. Safe travels!


Saudi Arabia typically offers various types of visas, including tourist visas, business visas, and religious pilgrimage visas (such as Umrah and Hajj visas).

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of a Saudi Arabia visa for citizens of India, I recommend checking with the VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa experts

The required documents may vary based on the type of visa, but common documents include a completed application form, passport with a validity of at least six months, passport-sized photographs, flight itinerary, hotel reservation, proof of financial means, and any additional documents specified by the Saudi authorities.

Visit the official VisitsSaudiArabiaVisa website and follow the instructions.

There are different types of visa available you need to check out with the experts.

Depending on the type of visa, a letter of invitation may be required. For business visas, a letter from the inviting company in Saudi Arabia may be necessary. For tourist visas, it's important to have a confirmed hotel reservation and travel itinerary.

The processing time can vary, but it's advisable to apply well in advance of the planned travel date. The processing time may depend on the type of visa and the specific requirements of the Saudi Arabian authorities.

Saudi Arabia has introduced an online visa application system for Turkmenistan citizens should check the official VisitsVisa website

Yes, there is usually a visa fee associated with Saudi visa applications. The fee amount may vary based on the type of visa.

Yes, Turkmenistan citizens can apply for special visas to perform Umrah or Hajj. These visas are typically issued for religious purposes and may have specific requirements, including a letter of recommendation from an authorized religious authority.

Health requirements may change, and it's advisable to check for any vaccinations or health screenings required by the Saudi authorities. This information can be obtained from the embassy or consulate.

If a visa application is rejected, Turkmenistan citizens can inquire with the embassy or consulate about the specific reasons for rejection. They may have the option to reapply after addressing the concerns or providing additional documentation.

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